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Jagmeet Singh

Jagmeet Singh

Leader of  Canada’s New Democrats

Andrea Horwath

Andrew Horwath

Leader of the Ontario NDP

Across Canada

New Democrats are Canadians who believe we can be a better one — a country of greater equality, justice, and opportunity. We can build sustainable prosperity and a society that shares its benefits more fairly.

New Democrats seek a future that brings together the best of the insights and objectives of Canadians who, within the social democratic and democratic socialist traditions, have worked through farmer, labour, co-operative, feminist, human rights and environmental movements, and with First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples, to build a more just, equal, and sustainable

New Democrats celebrate Canada’s diversity and the deep histories, traditions and aspirations of all of its peoples.

We believe in a rules-based economy, nationally and globally, in which governments have the power to address the limitations of the market in addressing the common good by having the power to act in the public interest for social and economic justice, and for the integrity of the environment.

New Democrats are committed to working together for peace, international co-operation, and the common good of all – the common good being our fundamental purpose as a movement and as a party.

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In Ontario

The Ontario NDP puts people at the heart of every decision for a fairer, more equal Ontario with strong public services and vibrant individuals, families, and communities.

The NDP has a vision of Ontario…

  • Where everyone has the opportunity to get a job that supports a family so they can build a good life — no matter where they live
  • Where families that hit a rough patch can count on government to help them get back on their feet
  • Where neighbourhood schools guarantee our children a world-class education that gives them what they need to succeed and child care is affordable and available
  • Where young people can get a good post-secondary education without massive debt holding them back from starting their lives
  • Where racism, discrimination and homophobia have no place
  • Where seniors get the security, care and dignity they deserve
  • Where public health care is there when and where we need it
  • Where we lead the fight on climate change, and future generations can count on clean air and water and wild, natural spaces
  • Where we move towards reconciliation with Indigenous people, finally treating Indigenous nations as respected partners and finally guaranteeing the human rights and opportunities Indigenous people have been shamefully denied for so long

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