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Members are the hands, feet, and soul of the New Democrats.

Joining the NDP is a great way to get involved with like-minded neighbours to ensure our leaders and policy reflect our progressive values.

The Haliburton | Kawartha Lakes | Brock riding association is the most local level of organization within the party. Together as members, we select our local NDP candidates, engage with community members about NDP policies and political action, and build our skills and resources to support our candidates for winning election campaigns. Members also have a key role within the national and Ontario NDP: electing its leaders; sending delegates to conventions; and advancing policy positions within party.

Attend our regular local meetings, have a say in policy, or enjoy one of our fun political movie nights!

When you join the NDP, you automatically join your local riding association, the Ontario NDP and the New Democratic Party of Canada

Memberships cost $25 ($5 if unwaged, a student, a senior, or underemployed).

Join the NDP today!

Or call Zac Miller (Pontypool), Membership Organizer

(289) 356.7537

c/o 11 Elgin Street, Lindsay, Ontario K9V 3V9


Most of our funding comes from people living in our local communities. The Liberals and Conservatives raise huge sums of money from their wealthy friends across the country.

The Haliburton | Kawartha Lakes | Brock NDP raises money on its own.

We use these funds to engage people by holding public events, getting our message out on social media, fighting for progressive policies and social justice – focused locally – and most importantly, preparing for upcoming elections.

100% of every dollar you donate to the HKLB NDP goes to the HKLB NDP.

We would like to meet with you to ensure your donation is best used according to your wishes and vision.

If you would like to donate, please click the below button:

Meanwhile, be sure to calculate the generous tax credit for your donation!

Get Involved!

“Because all politics is local…”
The Haliburton | Kawartha Lakes | Brock New Democrats provide opportunities for you to get involved, make a difference, and work for progressive change. From every day residents to seasoned activists, local people power is integral to the success of the NDP across Ontario and in Canada. From election campaigns to membership drives, outreach events, constituency meetings and policy input, our proud NDPers, supporters, and friends, propel us forward by guiding our planning, actions and priorities. And we all pick up a lot of experience and skills along the way…

And local students – complete your Community Involvement hours with us!

To get involved, contact:

Ron Evans (Haliburton), Secretary
(705) 306.0269

c/o 11 Elgin Street, Lindsay, Ontario K9V 3V9